Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day at the Museum

Our friend Melissa offered us some free passes to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, so I decided to be brave and give it a try with all four kids while Aaron was at work on Saturday. (I usually hang out close to home when I have all four on my own; I'm just too much of a wimp to take them all out!) I almost turned back around a went home when I got halfway there and realized that I had forgotten the leash for Brekken. (I know a lot of people hate the idea of a child leash - these are people without a child like Brekken, who has been known to dart out into traffic, disappear into crowds, climb onto high railings and otherwise put himself into danger at a moment's notice. I know, I know... I should just watch him better! But he's fast. And sneaky. And there are three others that I'm watching, too!)

But I decided I could manage and we kept going. And we had a great time! We played with hula hoops, we checked out the section on health and our bodies, then we went to the space section and saw a planetarium show. (First time the boys had seen a planetarium show and they LOVED it. Even Rylen was pretty riveted.) We took a break for lunch in the cafeteria area (peanut butter and jelly from home - I managed to convince them they didn't need the hugely overpriced museum food! Gotta love that.). We had to see the dinosaurs of course. And we checked out the rocks and minerals area (where the kids commented a lot on "Daddy would really like that rock. And that one. And this one over here."). We spent a good long time in the Dscovery Zone - where kids get to do a lot of hands-on experiments and play.

All in all, it was a really great day. Brekken did take off on me a few times, but I did manage to chase him down each time. It would definitely be easier with another set of hands, but I think I could do it again on my own. Maybe this will make me braver about going out with the kids instead of spending every Saturday at home!

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MJ said...

Anyone gives ya crap about a leash can bugger off. We had one for Aidan, and had no qualms about using it--there was a 3 year old boy who ran behind a car in a Walmart parking lot and was hit and almost died. He got away from his grandma who was holding his younger brother. Is she supposed to drop one kid to save the other?

Anyone gives me a dirty look, I ask them if they farted, lol. (I don't really, but it's funny to imagine. "I'm sorry, did you fart?")