Friday, June 1, 2012

Just Like Grandma

Growing up, it was a bit of a family joke that Grandma never changed her clocks when the time moved ahead or back for Daylight Savings Time. We always kind of laughed about the fact that the clock at Grandma's house was wrong for half the year, after all, it's not like it's so hard to change the time on a clock.

Fast forward 20 years and it's June. The time changed back in March, and yet every time I look at the clock on my office wall, I have to mentally nudge it forward an hour to get the correct time. I just haven't managed to change it. And it's not like it's so hard to change the time on the clock. But it's a little inconvenient to move the table to reach the clock. And mostly I look at the clock on my phone or computer, anyway. And I really only think about the clock when I'm glancing at it on my way out the door, so I just don't have time - and then I forget about it when I come back.

It wasn't until I did all that again this morning that I suddenly remembered Grandma and the clocks. And I thought: "Oh my gosh! I'm just like Grandma!"

You might think that would make me rush right over and adjust my clock. Instead, I'm choosing to remember that my Grandma is awesome. A wonderful, righteous, loving woman... who just happens to not bother adjusting the clocks. I'm okay with being like Grandma if it means I can inherit some of those qualities. Even if it means my clock is wrong.

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