Friday, July 20, 2012

New and Improved S'mores

I don't have a ton of stories about the Wardle reunion trip this year. I'll pretty much leave it at - it was just as we expected. Lots of fun seeing and visiting with family, time for the kids to fish with Grandpa, plenty of rain and hail (as always!).

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family. And since Aaron doesn't camp, we stayed at my parents' house at night. So we got to enjoy their really nice new deck, their stellar air conditioning (it was really hot), and their extensive DVR selection of Criminal Minds episodes. (I'm very addicted to that show. We watch a few episodes every night. Plus I watch old episodes on YouTube during the day while I work at my desk.)

I thought I would share a tip... everyone likes S'mores, right? But they're so hard to get right. You cook the marshmallow and stick it on your chocolate and graham cracker, but a perfectly toasted marshmallow isn't really hot enough to melt the chocolate. And I don't like to eat the marshmallows that are hot enough (read: on fire and charred).

So my sister Emily and brother-in-law Tim came up with a new idea during this last camping trip. It gives you the perfect combination of toasty marshmallow and melty chocolate! Delicious.

Let's all thank my other sister Melissa for being the model for this photo series.

Make a hole in your marshmallow and insert your chocolate INSIDE the marshmallow! They used extra-large marshmallows and a couple of squares of chocolate, but you could definitely do the same with a regular-size marshmallow.

Toast your marshmallow. By the time it's done, the chocolate inside will be melted.

Squish between two graham crackers.

Take a BIG bite!

Enjoy. Mmmm!

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Bethany said...

What a great idea! We love Smores. : ) I also wanted to tell you, thank you for your kind comment about my eBooks lists. I'm so glad that you are enjoying them.