Sunday, September 2, 2012

Isn't That Pinteresting?

It's been a while since I managed a real post. I'm still having issues with my mental/emotional stability, and it makes it hard to get anything else done after a day of work and then an evening taking care of the family. But though I haven't been blogging much, it doesn't mean I've abandoned all my Internet addictions. I'm still hopelessly devoted to Pinterest. I've been trying a lot of the recipes lately. Most of them were pretty good... some not as successful.

Cake Mix Snickerdoodles (

Haley REALLY wanted to make some cookies. More than that, she wanted to make them all by herself. The only help she was willing to accept was in dealing with the oven. So I went searching for a recipe simple enough for her to tackle on her own. I found quite a few cake mix cookie recipes and they were all pretty much the same and pretty simple. So Haley looked them over and picked out a couple of versions. She made some red velvet cookies that were actually quite good. Some devil's food cookies that were really gooey... as in, eat them with a spoon gooey. They still tasted good, though. And Sunday she made snickerdoodles. They tasted very good, but the dough was a bit too thin, resulting in VERY thin, flat cookies. So you can use this recipe for pretty much any kind of cookie just by swapping the cake mix base and any add-in, but you might want to add a tablespoon or two of flour to thicken the dough a bit. The nice thing is that a child can really do it all on their own. Haley even cracks her own eggs. It keeps her busy for a while. Makes her and her brothers happy to eat the cookies later. Gives me an incentive for good behavior (You've got to behave yourself if you want to make cookies later.). And the clean-up isn't TOO bad.

This recipe originally came from Paula Deen, so you know it's not good for you. But it sure tastes good! More trouble than a typical pudding, but worth the effort once in a while. I made it for  girls' night out potluck and it seemed like a hit. I can tell you that the kids and I were pretty thrilled that there were some leftovers and ate it for breakfast the next day. (Bananas are a good breakfast food, right?)

Another girls' night out dessert. (I seem to always take a dessert. I really need to mix it up with a main dish next time.) Anyway, I liked the look of this one because it was a little healthier than a usual cobbler and it was pretty low effort. And the picture sure looks good! Unfortunately, I was not as successful as the original poster. I made one at home a few days before girls' night to test the recipe. It was pretty runny. And the topping was powdery in some spots. So when I made it for girls' night I made some adjustments. I mixed the topping together before putting it over the fruit (trying to avoid the powdery patches). I put less soda (trying to avoid the runny end result). And It was still really runny and gooey. Topped with a scoop of whipped cream it tasted ok, but it didn't look very appetizing. And it definitely didn't keep! When I took it out of the fridge the next morning it looked awful and I couldn't bring myself to serve or eat any. If anyone else has tried it with more success, let me know what you did! I still really like the idea, it just didn't turn out for me.

My first ambitious sewing project in years was a skirt for Haley. The project looked pretty simple, so I figured I could manage it. And I did. Kind of. No fault of the blogger who posted the instructions, I just wasn't as successful as she was. The skirt I made is a little too short and hangs a little bit unevenly. But with a pair of leggings it works ok. More importantly, Haley still really likes it. So I'm calling it almost successful. I may just try again now that I know what I did wrong on the first one and see if I can make a skirt that graduates from play-clothes to school/church-clothes.

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