Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Wet Brush

hi. this is haley. i'm guest blogging for my mom today. i'm going to tell you about my the wet brush.  it's called the wet brush because it doesn't damage wet hair. you just have to get your hair damp, put conditioner in it, and brush the tangles out. it brushes the tangles out so easily. i love this brush, and i don't know why it's not called the miracle brush. it truly has been a miracle for me and my mom. i highly recommend this brush for all girls with long, thick hair.
favorite product,

here are some reasons i think you should get it. is perfect for long, thick hair is so easy to use is a miracle

you can get this great brush at great clips. buy it now! by the way great clips and the wet brush DID NOT pay me to write this blog post.

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