Monday, May 17, 2010

Date Night

A few weeks ago, I made a comment in a blog post about liking Greek food. My friend Cara and I exchanged a few comments and e-mails about it, and we ended up deciding on a night out so Aaron and I could introduce Cara and Richard to our favorite Greek place in Denver.

We had a great time! Once we thought about it, Aaron and I realized that we've gone out with groups, and we've gone out by ourselves, but we've really never just gone out with another couple before. I'm so glad we did. We had a fun dinner, then followed it up with a quick shopping trip (we needed to pick up some junk food), then saw a movie (thus the need for junk food).

Richard really wanted to see Robin Hood, and since Aaron and I never go to the movies, we were okay with anything - after all, we haven't seen a movie in the theater since... I don't even know... so anything was new to us! I'm glad we went with Richard's choice because the movie was awesome! Action, a bit of (tame) romance, an interesting storyline. I liked it a lot. Russel Crowe makes a great Robin Hood!

Turns out it's a pretty long movie. 2 and a half hours! None of us realized that going in, and didn't even realize it during the movie because we were so wrapped up in it. (For someone who is running to the bathroom about every 30 minutes, this is quite an accomplishment.) We were all a bit shocked to come out of the theater and realize it was 12:30 in the morning! I felt bad for our poor babysitter when we had to wake her up to take her home. But glad that she (and her mom!) were understanding when we were more than an hour later than planned.

It was a great date night, and convinced me that Aaron and I really have to do this more often, either on our own or with other people. I don't know if we'll be able to manage once a month, but we can surely do every other month at least, right? Hey, if you want to show us one of your favorite restaurants one of these weekends (or try one of our favorites) let me know!

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