Friday, May 21, 2010

What a day!

Yesterday was a busy, busy day for our family. But lots of good stuff!

We started off the morning with the Lochbuie Elementary School talent show. Haley's PAWS group (her afterschool daycare) has been working on a dance for the assembly for the past month or more. I've been hearing about it every single day. So it was great to finally see it! The PAWS teachers made little skirts for the girls (and matching suspenders for the boys). I must say that Haley looked adorable! The dance was cute, too. I was impressed with how well Haley did. It was pretty long and there were a lot of steps to memorize, but she did great!

We had to skip out of the assembly early - which sadly meant we missed some numbers by kids in our ward - because it was time for Kindergarten graduation. I tend to think that graduation ceremonies for anything other than high school and college are a bit silly. But they did look awfully cute in their little caps and gowns! As part of the ceremony, each child stood up and said what they want to be when they grow up. Haley said she wants to be a mom because she likes babies and she likes to stay up all night. :) My favorite was the kid who said he wants "to be Indiana Jones, because that guy is awesome!"

We went back to the classroom for a graduation party... enough sugar to hype up all the kids for the rest of the day! This is Haley and her beloved teacher, Mrs. Badgett. We have loved Mrs. Badgett this year, and Haley just adores her. Haley was very sad that her year with Mrs. Badgett is over - it was hard for her to say goodbye. Luckily, we have her e-mail address, and Haley says she plans to write every day. We were awfully disappointed to learn that Mrs. Badgett is moving and won't be back next year. We were hoping she would be there for Preston and Brekken, too!

We took the kids home for lunch afterwards. Preston had been wanting watermelon, so we bought one for a birthday treat. After all the looking forward and excitement... he ate about three bites. That was enough. He doesn't want anymore. I'm glad we bought a whole watermelon for that!

Haley went off to an end of school party at PAWS and the boys to daycare for the afternoon so Aaron and I could go to an ultrasound appointment. Our appointment went fine - everything is just as it should be. The excitement came when another patient came in to the office very far along in labor (instead of going to the hospital where they had told her to go more than an hour ago!) and came close to delivering in the office. That spiced up the afternoon for all of us in the waiting room.

We picked up the kids and took them to the store so Preston could pick out his birthday cake. Sadly, the Cars cake he wanted was not available, but he decided he was pretty happy with this one. We took the cake and some dinner to the park because that's what Preston wanted to do. They played a bit after eating, then we tried to light the candles. I say tried, because the wind blew them out faster than I could light them! Finally, we sang Happy Birthday and I struck a match. Preston blew it out before the wind could get to it and we called it good.

After cake, we went home for presents. Preston was very generous in letting Haley and Brekken help him open everything. He hit the jackpot of Diego Train playsets from Grandma Shields. She sent him three different sets and he was thrilled with them. Started putting them together right away.

By the time we got the kids to bed, Aaron and I were wiped out! But it was sure a fun family day. :D


Melissa said...

A fun day indeed! Fun stuff all around. And I totally LOL at the woman who nearly delivered in the OB's office. Get to a hospital, woman!

Druciana said...

We loved Mrs. Badgett too! I loved the part of the graduation where the kids said what they wanted to be. I'll have to write about it in my blog too. Hope you don't mind me copying...