Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's funny how my definition of splurging has changed over the years.

Back when I was single, I would splurge with my girlfriends on a weekend in Breckenridge. Renting a condo, nights out on the town, the whole shebang.

After Aaron and I got married, we would splurge on a really fancy restaurant or a night at a bed and breakfast.

After a having a child, a splurge was a dinner and a movie. Maybe picking up a new outfit at Target.

After a couple of kids, splurging became picking up dinner from a fast-food restaurant.

And now, approaching the arrival of child number 4, splurging has hit an all-time low. I was eating lunch and putting together a shopping list. I added paper towels to the list. And I thought to myself, "Maybe I'll splurge and get the nice Viva towels instead of the generic Target paper towels." Yep, splurging is now reduced to spending an extra dollar on paper towels. LOL

On a tangent... splurge is a funny word. It sounded perfectly normal to me when I started this post. Now that I've reached the end and said it several times, it sounds strange. Try it... splurge. Splurge. Splurge. It just sounds odd and meaningless now...


Pam said...

I can so relate to the paper towel splurging.

Tera said...

Oh isn't this the truth! When JP and I were dating we went to disneyland and out to eat and the movies ALL the time. Then we got married and we picked up food a lot and went to the movies and out to eat on the weekends. Now? Well, I think it is a big deal when I buy a new mascara because spending $7 extra bucks on it is crazy expensive!

Druciana said...

I splurge on the same brand of paper towels (except when paper towels are on school lists)! ;-)

Melissa said...

So true, on both the concept of lowering splurging standards, and the word itself. That happens to me with words all the time. Funny how that is!