Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Friends

By the time I picked up the kids on Monday night, I was feeling pretty rough. I knew I didn't feel well, but apparently I didn't LOOK well either. On Tuesday morning, Michelle (who watches the boys) commented to Aaron on how bad I'd looked the night before. And when I got there to pick up the boys on Tuesday, she informed me that she had made dinner for us and would be bringing it over so I wouldn't have to cook.

I'm still so touched by how nice that was. I'm so appreciative that she took the time to make dinner for my family as well as her own. And of course, she and Joel are better cooks than I am (they're professionally trained and Joel cooks for a living). So anything coming from their hands is a treat. :) They sent a wonderful squash soup - it was so good that the kids ate a couple of bowls each (and I can't get these children to TOUCH squash when I cook it). And Aaron and I happily polished off the rest.

To make things even better, my visiting teachers came over on Tuesday night. They also brought dinner! That meant that on Wednesday, when I was once again feeling really rotten, I had a dinner all ready and waiting in the fridge. It was so nice to just be able to pull it out and heat it up in a matter of minutes once the kids started asking for dinner. (Not that I don't do that at other times, too, but I usually accomplish it though a frozen dinner or a drive-thru, which is not nearly as good for them as I would like!)

And as long as I'm giving credit to those who are helping me out this week, I'd better be thankful for the good bosses I have at work. I start off most days feeling okay, but by halfway through the day or so, I'm usually feeling so awful that I can hardly function. And at my office, instead of pushing me to keep going and asking why I'm not working harder, I have people pushing me to lay down, take a break, and don't you want to go home early? (BTW, once I lay down for a bit and rest, I do feel better and can function again. :) ) I've worked other places where I've seen people dealing with illness (of any kind) and a lot of times the bosses are not so understanding. Here they're not only allowing me to work from home 1-2 days a week so that I can get more rest, they're actually pressuring me to work from home MORE often than that. I never did get that recliner for my office that they talked about, but sending me home with a laptop to work from the recliner in my living room is sure nice of them, too.

I'm grateful for friends helping me out during a rough week. :)


Melissa said...

Good friends are a true life's blessing. Hang in there!

Tera said...

What blessings. You've been given angels to help you through this pregnancy, you are so lucky!