Friday, August 27, 2010

Soundly Sleeping

I'm grateful that my kids are all sound sleepers. It may be tough to get them to sleep in the first place, but once they're asleep they are OUT.

Like last night, when Preston kept having night terrors. He was screaming and thrashing around and generally making a lot of noise. We were in there, too, trying to wake him up/calm him down. We even turned on a bit of light so we could see him better. The other two barely even stirred.

And a few weeks ago, Haley got sick in the night and threw up in the bedroom and all over the bathroom. We were cleaning it up, talking to each other, stripping beds, scrubbing carpet. In order to clean it all up, we even turned on the big overhead lights in the bedroom. Not a twitch from any of the kids. (Not even Haley, who had apparently thrown up - while wandering through the bedroom and bathroom - then went back to bed without actually waking up. She remembered nothing about it the next morning.)

All of them have at some point fallen out of a bed or off the couch while sleeping and either not woken at all, or woken for only a moment and then gone back to sleep.

Here's hoping the new baby will take after his sister and brothers! (With all the noise at our house, he'll need to!)


Melissa said...

I actually think Mason loves all the noise. He prefers to nap in the living room in the middle of the chaos as opposed to a quiet room. Are you guys making any naming progress?

taradon said...

Making some progress, but still far from a decision. Boys' names are hard!

Druciana said...

Wow! I remember night terrors. I can't believe they all sleep through it!

Tera said...

Lauren had night terrors...until she was 8 (not to scare you or anything)...I thought they would never end. Night after night, 4 or 5 times a night for years. Yuck. You are very blessed to have such deep sleepers though. My kids aren't. Sucks!