Monday, August 16, 2010

Rock On

Yesterday Aaron took the kids to a rock show.

Wait... that doesn't look quite right. No, it was more like this...

Yep, a show where you go to look at (and buy) rocks. Aaron is an avid gem and mineral collector, so he likes to go to a few rock shows every year to add to his collection. The kids have learned to enjoy it from him, so they all like to go to the rock show and pick out new specimens for their own collections. It's a really nice way for them all to do something together. I'm not really into rocks and rock shows much myself, but I do enjoy watching them all enjoy themselves.

So we had plans to go to the rock show in Buena Vista this weekend. On Thursday, my doctor told me I'm supposed to be taking it easy and resting when I can, and I kind of thought that walking around an outdoor rock show for a couple of hours in August might not fit the bill.

Aaron bravely decided to take all three kids and go to the show with them. They all loaded in the van with snacks, sippies, and strollers and headed out for the day. I stayed home and cleaned the house. Yes, I know I was supposed to be resting, but I did that, too. I would clean for 15 minutes and then rest for 15 minutes. I paced myself. :) And I must say, it was much easier cleaning up without the kids pulling everything out again right behind me!

So while I enjoyed the day to myself, by the end of the afternoon I was starting to wonder how it all went. How the kids behaved. If they were having a good time. If I should call and check in. Or would that just make it seem like I didn't think Aaron was managing on his own? I didn't call, because I knew Aaron could manage just fine without me. He's done it before, and he's really better at going out with all three on his own than I am. I usually opt to stay home if it's just me with the kids.

They came home at dinner time and everyone happily showed me their treasures from the rock show. They had a great day with Daddy.


Tera said...

I think it is so funny how they all love rocks. My kids do too! I'm constantly finding them in my washing machine, as they've fallen out of pockets. Lauren tells me which rock is quarts, which is mica. I just nod and say, "uh huh!" Funny things those rocks are!

Katie said...

Good luck with taking it easy. It isn't as easy as it sounds! Are things going okay?

taradon said...

@Tera - I often have rocks in my washing machine, too! I keep trying to convince the kids that the gravel from the front yard is not really suitable to add to the rock collection,

@Katie - Things are going okay. Having a LOT of contractions, but at last check they weren't causing changes to the cervix, so that's very good news! And my blood pressure is up a bit. So the doc told me I was supposed to take it easy and she would "try not to worry" about me. But she still scheduled my next appt for 4 weeks out, so she must not be TOO worried.

Katie said...

Glad to hear it isn't anything too serious, at least at this point. Hopefully the next few months of pregnancy will go by without any new or worsening problems for the doctor to "try not to worry" about! (Don't you wonder if they would even know your name if you saw them at the grocery store???)