Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a fun family Christmas. All day on Christmas Eve, we tracked Santa on the NORAD website. Aaron (as a geographer) was every bit as interested in Santa's progress as the kids were! In fact, after the kids were in bed, Aaron still had the site up watching to see where Santa would visit next in his travels around the globe.

We drove around looking at Christmas lights before bedtime. As always, we were amazed at the work and creativity (and cost!) that go into these light displays. I would love to light up our house that way, but I just don't have the time or energy to put it all together! Afterwards, the kids opened their Christmas Eve presents (new PJs) and headed for bed.

The older 3 kids had asked Santa for Pillow Pets. Happily, he delivered the goods. A ladybug for Haley, a panda for Preston, and a penguin for Brekken.

The older kids had a great time with their new presents. Rylen slept through all the excitement.

We had a lovely, lazy day. We all stayed in our PJs all day long, had some good food and some junk food and just enjoyed the family time. :)

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