Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sounds of Joy

Preston has been singing in the Sounds of Joy choir since August. They've spent all this time getting ready for the big Christmas production. The big show was on Saturday and Sunday and it was so cute! Preston (and all the other kids) had a great time. I was really impressed with Preston for not being the least bit nervous to get up on the stage and sing in front of almost 500 people! He said he liked it when everyone watched him, because he knew the actions and the words and they could see him do it right. :)

For the first part of the show, Preston sat with us in the audience waiting for his group's turn to go up and sing. He was so into the show that he was dancing in the aisle as the other kids sang.

(We won't mention all the other things that were happening in the aisle as the other kids sang - except to say that many cheesy bunnies had a tragic fall to the theater floor, there was much hissing of "Be QUIET! Don't you know other people are trying to hear the show!" and the baby may or may not have had a diaper leak all over the seat requiring much clean up...)

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Tera said...

I know how much I enjoy watching my kids perform so I know you must have been in heaven watching him (minus the rest of the chaos of course!)