Monday, November 28, 2011

Fun with Facepaints

A month or so ago, we went to a fair and there was a facepainting booth. Haley LOVES to have her face painted, so she begged to go to the booth. However, when we went to check it out, there was a wait of at least 30 minutes, and the booth was charging $5 and up for the painting. Um... no. Not doing that. Especially when I looked at what she was doing and thought: "I could totally do that myself at home. I'm not paying for that!"

So we talked Haley out of the facepainting and went home, where we pretty much forgot about it. Then I saw a set of facepaints on sale and thought: "Ah-ha! A way to keep the children entertained!" I Googled a few techniques and ideas for facepainting and went for it. Not perfect by any means, but pretty decent. And more importantly, the kids (and I) had a lot of fun with it. No waiting, and lots of faces painted (and more to come, I'm sure) for less than the cost of having each kid get a cheek painted at the fair booth. Good deal!


MJ said...

That is super cute!! Love it!

Melissa said...

Nicely played! Those are awesome!