Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

In spite of stomach flu that hit various family members over the last week and weekend, the kids thoroughly enjoyed Halloween. They had a Trunk or Treat at the church on Friday night and then parties at school and daycare on Monday followed by trick or treating last night.

Haley was a princess - of course! She is very much the girly-girl. Her whole thinking for a costume was based on what she could be that would allow her to wear "grown-up makeup."

Preston actually had three different costumes this year. He was a pirate for trunk or treat, but that costume was a little too lightweight and he froze while going from car to car. Plus the school wouldn't allow him to take the sword, which he considered the best part of his costume. So for school he opted to dress as Scooby Doo. Finally, for Halloween trick or treating, he opted for the fuzzy plush fireman's costume so he could be nice and warm without a jacket.

Brekken was a bunny - but not just any bunny. No, he wanted to be a vampire bunny! Notice him showing off his sharp vampire bunny teeth.     

Finally, we have Rylen dressed as a devil. No particular reason there, just because it's so darn cute!

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