Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cake Pops

My kids have seen the info-mercials for cake pops for the last year or so and have been obsessed with them. They begged me to call and order the baking pans so we could make our own, but I didn't give in.

Then one day a friend told me about this:

It's just a little appliance like a waffle maker. You spoon in some cake mix and a few minutes later, you have little cake balls. So easy. So cheap (less than $20 at Target for the cooker). And something to make the kids happy. I'm in!

They cook up nice and round.

You can make a bunch in a short time. (And if you have extras, they keep well in the freezer for a treat later.)
I made up a little plate for each kid with everything they needed to decorate some cake pops.

Eating them was even more popular than decorating!
Brekken is mad at me because I made him stop eating long enough to take a picture.

And Rylen didn't decorate any, but he sure enjoyed eating them!

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SUPAHMAMA! said...

Ooooooh! Fancy! I might need to invest in one of those. :)