Saturday, January 7, 2012


I thought I wouldn't like having early church (9 a.m.) on Christmas morning. But it was really very nice. We got up early enough that the kids could see what Santa brought and play with it a little, then had some breakfast and got everyone ready for church. We enjoyed a really nice Christmas program and then headed home for lunch and presents. It was nice the way that it spread things out a little... usually the kids are pushing to open presents immediately after checking out the gifts from Santa and it seems like Christmas is all over with almost as soon as it began. This year the Christmas excitement lasted a little longer and it was lovely.
Rylen looked so cute in his Sunday best.

Rylen enjoyed hanging out with Daddy on Christmas

Santa brought Preston a Transformer

Brekken got a Transformer, too.
Rylen got a new car.

Haley got a new fashion doll.
Preston and Brekken got Paper Jamz guitars and they were rocking out!

Preston and Brekken both got new airplanes that they like very much.

Haley got her very own real guitar. She is working on learning to play it and looking forward to some lessons from Grandpa Schurz!

Grandma thriftily used an old box to wrap up a present for Brekken. When he took off the wrapping paper he was so excited: "A heater! My very own heater!" Who knew he'd been wanting a heater? LOL He was happy with the present that was ACTUALLY inside as well and not too disappointed not to have his own heater.
We also added to our family of pillow pets this Christmas... bedtime now requires that we locate about a dozen much-beloved pillow pets to tuck everyone in. Not sure how I managed to not get pictures of any of those!


Tera said...

I didn't think I would like church on Christmas day, but for all the reasons you listed are the exact same reasons that I ended up loving it too. I wouldn't mind if christmas always included church!

SUPAHMAMA! said...

I had to giggle about the Heater. WHO KNEW!?!??!