Monday, December 3, 2012

O is for Oops

I have soup for lunch pretty much every day. A different variety from day-to-day, sure (for example, today's offering is chicken and wild rice and tomorrow I'm going to get crazy with some pasta fagiole), but still - every day it's soup.

This habit is due less to my love for soup than to the fact that the local store often puts cans of Progresso soup on sale at 10 for $10. I stock up whenever there is a sale, then keep a supply in my desk at work so I always have lunch on hand. And for only $1 a day, I feel like I'm being fiscally responsible.

Having the same thing for lunch every day lends itself to creating a bit of a routine. Every day I reach blindly into my desk drawer to grab a can of soup. (This is where I get my excitement from lunch - I know it's soup, but until I pull it out I don't know which one! Whoopee!) I then go to the break room and pour the soup into a bowl, place the bowl in the microwave, and set it for 3 minutes. (It's always 3 minutes.) While it heats I refill my mug with ice and water, drop it off back and my desk, and make a quick visit to the ladies room. When I get back, my soup has finished heating and I can head back to my office to eat while I read a book.

Nothing too thrilling about the routine, but it generally works pretty well. Until today. When I apparently followed all the usual steps in my routine except the one that says I should press "Start" on the microwave before I walk away. Oops! I did follow the rest of my routine, including removing the soup from the microwave and sitting down to eat. I didn't notice until I took the first bite that it was stone cold.

I may be the only one laughing at this one - but I found it amusing. Not as good as the time my aunt popped a piece of gum in her mouth without removing the foil, but right up there with my sandwich last week that included the wax paper from my slice of cheese. :)

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