Friday, April 26, 2013

Bus Wars... The Update

I know you've all been on tenterhooks. Probably checking in multiple times this morning, wondering about the outcome. Does the Bus War continue? Has peace been declared? Was there screaming, slapping, and hair-pulling in the bus aisle?

As I pulled into the Park and Ride this morning, there she was. Sitting in her car waiting for the bus. It wasn't a cold morning. I could have gotten out and waited at the stop early, so as to be able to get on the bus before she did. And 2 days ago, that's exactly what I would have done. But if I just got on the bus first today and claimed the seat for myself, no questions would have been answered.

So I waited. I fished around in my purse looking for my phone. (I really was trying to find it... I discovered later it was actually in my jacket pocket.) I checked to be sure I had my bus pass. I filed a rough spot on my fingernail. (I didn't find the phone in my purse, but I did find an emery board - odd, because I didn't even know I owned one.) And when the bus appeared, I finally got out of my car to head down to the stop.

She got out of her car at the same time. And as we walked down to the stop, she did something she has never done before. She talked to me. She has always been quiet and a little standoffish, so this caught me by surprise. But we chatted a little about the nice weather as we walked to the bus. And when we got there, I hung back just a little so she could get on first.

She climbed the stairs. She walked to The Seat. She paused. And then she moved on and sat in the seat behind The Seat.

I won! The Seat is mine! She had every opportunity to take The Seat this morning, but must have remembered yesterday's conversation about preferred seating arrangements, because she moved to a different seat and left The Seat to me. What a glorious start to a Friday morning. :) I am the victor in the Bus War.

Of course... now I have no exciting status updates for you all to follow in the mornings. My sock/no-sock status is pretty lackluster (pretty much always no-sock). Now that spring is finally here (right? please?) there's no longer a tense wait to learn whether school is or is not in session. An update on my struggles with the department down the hall (Did they send me the correct file? Or tell me it was the correct file but will come back next week and tell me they were wrong and I should scrap all the work I've done with it? Will they just not give me anything at all?) would just be depressing for all involved.

So if you have any interesting ideas, let me know. :) But for now, I am declaring an end to the battle for The Seat. Hooray!

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