Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Suspense is Killing Me

I'm waiting for an email, or maybe a phone call, or maybe an old-fashioned snail mail. I don't know what form the news will come in. And I don't really know when to expect it.

I'm waiting for news about a new job. I really liked everything I learned about the job during the interviewing process. I like the duties, the hours, the location... I REALLY like the location, which would be an office in my own house. I like the fact that they describe the pace as "relaxed" and the atmosphere as "laid back." Given that words describing my current job include things like frenetic, drama, and stress, that sounds quite nice.

I'm not quite as thrilled about the travel. 6-10 weeks a year. Mostly to L.A., but some other locations too. I like visiting other places and I actually love staying in hotels, but I don't enjoy flying. And I'd feel guilty about leaving Aaron and the kids. And of course, there's the fact that what they hoped to pay for this position and what I hoped to be paid for this position are about $15,000 apart. I can't afford to stretch my budget down, so I have to hope they will stretch their budget up.

But everything else about the job is so good. This job is basically the same position as the promotion I was vying for at my current job. It's a shame I had to look for it at another company. I had really planned on staying at this place for the long term. But between being downgraded to hourly, being classified as support staff instead of professional staff, and then being passed over for the promotion, my heart just isn't in it here anymore.

So instead, I'm hoping and praying that I can get this new job and move on. I know the grass is always greener and I'm sure to discover new frustrations in working with veterinarians instead of nurses, but I sure hope I can give it a try.

I heard from the interviewer on Tuesday and I was still in the running at that point. He told me they hoped to make a decision by Thursday. So here it is Thursday... and no word yet. I have been checking email constantly, hoping for word. Hoping for the right word. Cross your fingers for me that I'll hear from them tomorrow - with a job offer - for the right salary... Here's hoping!

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