Monday, February 14, 2011

If I were a cursing woman, I'd have turned the air blue!

Saturday started out good... went way downhill... turned good again... went downhill again...

I woke up Saturday morning and was happy to find that my awful cold had mostly gone away. With nothing more than a stuffy head and a sinus headache, I could attend my friend's baby shower without feeling like a plague-bringer.

Unfortunately, the shower had been moved at the last minute from convenient Henderson, CO (about 10 minutes from home) to very inconvenient Castle Rock, CO. (For those of you in Utah, it's like driving from Vernal to Duchesne to go to a baby shower!) But I love Mary Alice and since she lives in Indiana now and just came back for a couple of days for this shower, I wanted to go.

But everything seemed to take 10x longer than it should have as I was trying to get everyone ready for the day. I get the baby dressed - and he immediately pees through his diaper and has to be changed again. I get the older boys dressed - and two minutes later they've already taken off their shoes and socks and discarded them in some random location.

I finally get everyone dressed enough to go pick up the sitter (it's a Saturday, so Aaron's working), and get out the door with them all. Only to realize I hadn't thought to ask Aaron to trade cars for the day. I don't have enough seats in my car for all the kids and the sitter. Okay - Haley is going to have to stay home and watch a show for the 5 minutes it takes to go get Sarah. I load the boys in the car and go unlock the house door for Haley. Go back to buckle the boys in - only to find that one of my seatbelts has completely locked up and I can't figure out how to fix it. I'm already 5 minutes late to pick up Sarah at this point, so I decide that Preston will have to stay with Haley while I pick up Sarah. Go unlock the house door again and give them a safety lecture (mostly - don't do ANYTHING until I get back!).

Get Sarah, get back to the house and the baby wants to eat. I haven't gotten directions to the shower or wrapped a gift yet, so I have Sarah give Rylen a bottle while I take care of that. Finally get out the door and on my way... only 20 minutes later than I'd planned. 5 minutes down the road I turn around and go home to get the present that I'd wrapped and then forgotten.

I decide I can take I-25 down - it's Saturday after all. The freeway should be fine! Except that there were three separate accidents tying up traffic. I don't know why - it was a beautiful day with clear roads! Rylen screamed almost all the way there. I could reach back and pop the bink back in his mouth when the traffic stopped, but as soon as we started moving again, the bink fell out and the screaming resumed. It was a LONG, LONG drive to Castle Rock.

I finally got there and it felt totally worth it. I loved seeing my friends and celebrating Mary Alice's baby. It was WONDERFUL. Rylen was perfectly calm and cuddly and well-behaved. So much fun.

But then I had to drive home. And that sweet baby screamed again. All the way home. And even though I took a different route home - I still got stopped in traffic due to more accidents! After all that, I vowed to myself that it would be a while before I take Rylen on another long drive. Only to realize that we're headed out on a drive to Utah in just a few days. *sigh* So much for that idea!


Melissa said...

Wow - no idea you had that much craziness going on that day, you were a picture of calm when I saw you. I, too, would have much preferred a 1:00 shower in Henderson vs. noon in Castle Rock, but like yous said, it's what you do. Glad to see you for a bit and hold that darling baby!

taradon said...

Ha! Glad to know that I covered my frazzled nerves so well. :D It was wonderful to see you, too. Crazy that we both have to drive so far south to see each other when we actually don't live that far apart up north. LOL