Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Miracle Shower Cleaner

If you have hard water like we do, you know about the nasty, very hard to clean soap scum that forms when you shower in that hard water. I would post a before picture, but I don't want to disgust you with the nastiness.

Instead, I'll share a picture of the miraculous new shower cleaner I found:

 Yes, that is oven cleaner. Easy-Off Fume Free Max oven cleaner to be specific. I was doing some research trying to find a better cleaning product for the nasty shower and I came upon a thread on a message board talking about cleaning hard-water soap scum... where someone suggested using this oven cleaner. It seemed crazy, but in the thread were several testimonials from people who had tried it with great success. After reading it all, I bought a can, figuring it was worth a shot. I was sure to find the specific type mentioned - other kinds are apparently too harsh. And today I was in full spring-cleaning mode and gave it a shot.

First thing this morning I sprayed down the shower liberally with oven cleaner. I coated every inch of soap scum. And then I walked away. I stayed away for about 6 hours while I cleaned the rest of the house. When I finally got back to the shower, I turned on the water to wet it down and start scrubbing. To my amazement, just the water hitting the coated soap scum started washing it off the walls! I took my scrub brush to it as well and all it took was a single swipe to wipe away the soap scum and oven cleaner. It just wiped right off! Usually a lot of elbow grease is required. I was seriously done in about 5 minutes. A few minutes with the brush, a minute to thoroughly rinse it all down, and done! This stuff is awesome!

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Tera said...

Serioulsy need to remember this for my shower door!