Friday, January 24, 2014

I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means...

Rylen had his 3-year-old checkup at the pediatrician last week. She gave me the standard lecture about limiting screen time for kids. And I KNOW that we're not supposed to let kids watch TV all the time. And that we're also supposed to limit time with the iPad, Wii, and computer games.

But on the other hand, Rylen knows his ABCs, colors, and shapes (which Mickey Mouse taught him). And he and Dora can chat a little in Spanish followed up by a little bit of Chinese with Ni Hao Kailan. Not to mention the self-defense ninja skills he likes to practice while watching Ninjago. It's not all bad. Right?

But during the guilt-inducing talk from the doctor, I agreed that we probably needed to cut down on his screen time a bit. But looking over at Rylen right now, it occurs to me that I obviously didn't really internalize that idea. I don't think that the doc would agree that this is "limiting" his screen time...

He's built himself a little fort on the couch and he's sitting in it to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the big TV. But on closer examination you realize that he has gathered additional electronics to his little nest. And simultaneously with Mickey Mouse on the big TV, he also has an episode of Ninjago playing on the iPad. And he's playing a game on my phone. 

He probably has a LeapPad and a Kindle tucked away in there too. Just for backup.

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