Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm Still Here

I know I've dropped off the face of the blogosphere. I keep meaning to get back to it, and just haven't managed to get around to it. Then in the last couple of days I got messages from a couple of different friends telling me that they have missed my blog. That was pretty flattering to me... I mostly figure I write this blog for me as a journal/family history, and occasionally other people check it out. So to hear from people that they want me to keep writing was pretty motivating.

I stopped writing back when I was having such a rough patch at my old job. I was so depressed. I would literally fight off tears on my way to work because I was so dreading going there. And since I didn't want to blog every day about how bad work was, but I couldn't seem to focus on anything else, I just stopped writing. And even when things changed, I was so out of the habit that I didn't pick it up again.

And then this morning I was looking up an old post for some information I needed and re-read some of the things I've written. And it reminded me how much I really enjoy writing the blog and how precious some of the memories are that are saved in this blog. The funny and sweet moments that I would certainly never remember if they weren't written down. So I'm convinced. I'm going to go back to blogging.

I hope you read it. I hope it's entertaining. I love it when you comment or share stories of your own.

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