Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quick Funny from Rylen

I've been sleeping in the recliner most nights lately, because lying in the bed puts pressure on all the sorest parts of my knee. Then I can't sleep because I'm too uncomfortable. So there is a pillow and blanket hanging out in the chair most of the time because I'm too lazy to put them away.

When I walked into the living room to check on Rylen (he was being too quiet, and you know how frightening that can be with a toddler!) I found him sprawled out in my chair watching a movie on the iPad. That was just fine, except that my blanket and pillow had been shoved off onto the floor.

I asked him if he had dumped my things on the floor and he looked up at me with his sweet, innocent eyes and said, "No. Preston do it."

I reminded Rylen that Preston had been at school for the last several hours. And the blankets were on the chair when he left the house. Then I asked again if he had dumped the blankets on the floor.

Again with the big, blue eyes. "No. I not do it. Brekken do it."

He ended up blaming every member of the family - including several of the cats - before finally agreeing that HE must have knocked off the blankets and grudgingly picking them up again.

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