Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cost Rica Recap: Day 10

We set no alarms and everyone slept in this morning. It was after 11 by the time we headed into town on the crazy rough dirt road. We returned to the soda from last night for an early lunch.

After eating we headed out to explore some of the cloud forest...just in time for the rain to come pouring down. We went back to the hotel to wait it the rain... and were there for 6 hours.

When the rain finally stopped, we drove all around the area to explore, but didn't get out of the car much because everything was so wet and muddy.

After finding dinner at a restaurant slightly fancier than we thought it would be (I had an incredible steak with Monte Verde blue cheese... It was the smoothest, mildest blue cheese ever and it was SO delicious) we went back to bed after a very low key day.

Monte Verde is just not the best area for families with young children. Because everything is carved out off the side of the mountains, EVERYTHING is very hilly and steep. Just walking in town can be challenging, let alone taking any of the hiking trails. It's really a destination for adventurers, maybe families with older teenagers. Things like zip lines, canopy walks and other adrenaline fueled activities are just not suitable for young families. In addition, the activities that are good for younger kids are pretty pricey, so if you have more than one maybe two kiddos, you're spending a lot of money on entrance fees.

It is spectacularly beautiful, though. And the temperatures are perfect. Great little shops in town and several nice restaurants and sodas. It was one of my favorite places, really.

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