Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Costa Rica Recap: Day 5

Our plans for the day are to breakfast at our favorite soda, then drive to San Isidro to see the city and visit Mount Chirripo national park... home of Costa Rica's tallest mountain. You can't actually go to the top...that's a 2-day trek for experienced mountaineers. But you can drive in to see some of the highland tropical views and forest.

We get in the car and it reeks like mildew. All the seats are still wet from dripping on them yesterday. We could desperately use some Febreeze, if only they sold it here. My butt is wet as soon as I sit down, even sitting on a towel.

The drive to San Isidro is uneventful and takes only an hour or so because we're on the InterAmericana highway... The best road we've seen so far. It's always at least 2 lanes wide, there are actual pavement markings, and most of it is in very good repair.

We drive through a bit of San Isidro... It's a clean, pretty city. When we leave the city for Chirripo, the roads revert back to Costa Rican standard. And the higher we climb, the worse the roads get. It's enough to give me a bit of an anxiety attack because they are so steep, nothing but muddy ruts and rocks and the road sloughs off to the sides, falling hundreds of feet to the river below. And still you have the motorcycles and buses to contend with.

Finally we reach the entrance to Chirripo. By this time the road is nothing but piles of rock leading vaguely up the steep mountainside. There is nothing like a ranger station... just a sign indicating the trailhead for the 2-day climb. Finally we turn around to head off the mountain. We stop a couple of times for pictures and to let the kids out to run.

Scary as the roads were sometimes, it was completely gorgeous. And nice and cool at that elevation, too. I'm so glad we got the chance to see the things we did!

Finally back in San Isidro, we stop at McDonald's for a quick snack and a bathroom break. McDonald's is mostly the same with the exception of things like lime and lemon sundaes, fried chicken kids meals and pineapple in the kids meals instead of apples.They also have McPatatas, which are seasoned potato wedges. Those are really good. Also, McDonald's here is much more expensive - relative to prices at regular restaurants - than in U.S.

We headed for Dominical and things were fine until Brekken suddenly announced 'Preston threw up.' Yep, he did. Instead of telling us he felt sick, he decided to try sticking his head out the window, so he threw up partly inside, partly outside, and probably at least a little bit on the car behind us. It took an entire pack of baby wipes and assorted napkins and a partial roll of tp to clean up. So gross. The car smells even worse now.

Back to the hotel and the kids are supposed to be resting if they want to do anything else fun today. Instead they are messing around and Preston is reading over my shoulder. So I guess they will get no more adventures today after all. The end.  *Preston goes away.*

The kids never really did rest, but that's ok I guess because we weren't able to go on any adventures either. The rain started at 3 pm and continued for the next 12 hours. We stayed in reading and watching movies on the kindle. We made friends with a gecko hanging out in our room.

We had crackers, tuna, bread and jam in the room, so instead of venturing into the downpour we made our own dinner in our tiny kitchen and headed for bed.

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