Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Costa Rica Recap: Day 7

We got up in the morning and went out into Samara to find breakfast... We found a nice panaderia (bakery) serving desayunas (breakfast) and had a lovely morning meal of pastries, fresas (fruit juice), batidos (smoothies), and gallo pinto. Then back to the hotel and headed straight out to the beach. We played in the waves and tried boogie boarding, built some sand structures and had a grand time for about 3 hours. When the rising tide made the waves a bit too big for our small kiddos, we headed up to the pool and spent another 3 hours playing there.

After finally dragging all kids from the water we went out to explore Santa Cruz - one of Aaron's mission areas. He showed us places he remembered and even the house he'd lived in. The kids were quite fascinated with all the chickens running free everywhere. We had to hear the "why did the chicken cross the road" joke MANY times.

Since it was Father's Day back in the States, we splurged on a nice restaurant; in Santa Cruz that means Chinese. We had some delicious food and headed back to Samara just in time for early bedtime (as usual).
Gorgeous greenery along the way.

a supermarket... notice the fencing and razorwire around the parking lot - they're very serious about the parking spaces

I found it amusing that there were 4 large funeral homes directly across from the main entrance of the hospital

Aaron used to live in this house!

Lots of shoe stores... they like to display dismembered feet in the front window

Chinese restaurant for Father's Day dinner... nicer inside than it looked on the outside.

It was just us and a few guys at the bar watching soccer.

Rylen loved the dinnerware and insisted that I take a picture.

Sunset on Playa Samara - so pretty!

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