Thursday, January 21, 2010

Five Things

I got tagged on a friend's blog this morning. This is a simple one... just list five things that are on your mind today.

  1. No work for me tomorrow! Aaron has another sleep study tonight, so I would have been late to work anyway. And Haley has an appointment with the eye doctor in the afternoon. Plus my house is a mess, I haven't taken down the Christmas tree yet, and the missionaries are coming for dinner tomorrow night. I decided just to take the day off and deal with all of that.
  2. I wish all my tax documents would get here already. I want to get the taxes filed because I'm crossing my fingers there will be enough in our tax refund that we can squeeze out the $$ for the king-size bed that I so badly want.
  3. Milk. Eggs. Granola bars. Cat litter. I need to go to the store tonight. =)
  4. I wish I'd brought my laptop to work today. I bought the new Harry Potter movie as soon as it was released, but I still haven't watched it! If I hadn't been in such a hurry this morning, I could have grabbed the laptop and then watched the movie while I work. (I am the Queen of Multitasking!)
  5. Isn't it lunchtime yet?
Okay, so TAG, you're it! What Five Things are on your mind today?

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