Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Need a Purse

I have a coat with these great deep pockets. In the winter months, I tend to just shove everything into those pockets instead of using a purse. But, just like a purse, the pockets can accumulate a lot of unnecessary junk (they are big pockets). This morning I realized that they were really ridiculously full and emptied them out. I found:
  • Assorted receipts from our trip last weekend (I've already accounted for them in the bank account, so I'm not sure why I'm still carrying them around.)
  • Highlighter marker
  • Post-it notes
  • Ragged tissues (Are they clean? Used? Who can tell? They have disintegrated into shreds and pocket lint at this point.)
  • Napkins that Preston shoved into my pocket at the funeral
  • Do not disturb sign from one of the hotels we stayed at (I have no idea why I have this.)
  • Flex spending account reimbursement form (I really need to remember to fax that in!)
  • Keys (Finally! Something useful!)
  • MP3 player (With a dead battery that I keep forgetting to charge.)
  • Phone (With a dead battery that I keep forgetting to charge.)
  • Hair elastics
  • More tissues
  • Wrapper from Brekken's Smarties
  • Business cards (Yeah, like I need to carry these around all the time. I never hand them out!)
  • Wallet (Woo-hoo! Something else that's actually useful!)
  • Chapstick (Which tends to melt from body heat when I carry it in my pocket.)
  • Gloves (That I never wear, because putting gloves on actually makes my fingers feel colder.)
  • Note from Haley's friend Aalyah that she asked me to hold (It's actually a very sweet note. I left the spelling and everything as is... it's really quite good for a kindergartener! "To Haley Form Aalyah. Dear Haley. I love you Haley. How was your weekin Haley. Do you love me Haley? I love you Haley. Love Aalyah.)

Yikes! Now that I write it all down it's even more ridiculous.

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Tera said...

You need more than a purse, you need a very large Mary Poppins bag. ARe you sure your purse didn't once belong to Mary Poppins?