Monday, January 4, 2010

In case you were wondering about my half-naked baby at church...

Some of you saw me with Brekken at church on Sunday...

On a cold and snowy day he was dressed a little more informally than I usually attempt for church. The shirtless look is a little more "backyard swimming pool" than "Relief Society ready."

He's not really adjusting well to nursery. He started going to nursery about 4 weeks ago. Aaron went in and stayed with him for the last three weeks, because he was so clingy and just cried when Aaron tried to leave. (And lets face it, since Aaron didn't have a current calling, he was more than willing to stay and play in the nursery!)

But since Aaron got called to teach a Primary class, he couldn't take Brekken to nursery this week. So I took him, and he was even more upset to be there than usual. Mostly because with the schedule change nursery-time now hits right at nap-time. I tried and tried to get him settled in at nursery. He seemed to be warming up to it and calming down just as it was approaching time for Relief Society. He really enjoyed the goldfish crackers they had for snacktime. Since I was leading the music in R.S., I needed to go. So with assurances to him that I would be back and a warm set of arms prepared to cuddle him while I was gone, I left.

Of course, since I still had a few minutes before R.S., I came back to the door a couple of times to listen and see if he had calmed down yet. That's when I hear the sound we most dread from him at our house. He was crying so hard that he started to cough. And unfortunately, with all of my little reflux babies, coughing is bad. He cried... and coughed... and then he gagged... and then he threw up goldfish crackers all over himself.

Yuck. I tried to clean him up enough to make it through the rest of the meetings, but it was just too nasty. And since I didn't have any spare clothes in the diaper bag, shirtless was the only way to go. At least I was able to salvage the pants so he wasn't running around in just a diaper! He was thrilled. Given the chance, he will always choose half-naked over clothed. =)

So I guess next week we'll try it again. As long as they'll let him back in to nursery after an episode like that. I'll bring a spare shirt.


Druciana said...

I just figured he wasn't feeling well. I know you wouldn't bring sick kids to church,but fevers start whenever they want.

Melissa said...

Ugh. I always say the only way kids can learn to be in nursery without a parent is to cry it out, but when that leads to throwing up, it's an entirely different situation. Good luck, hope he gets adjusted soon.