Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Potty Training

We've been kind of half-heartedly doing the potty training thing for a while now. We'd give it a shot for a few days, Preston would be absolutely uninterested, we would have no success whatsoever, and then we'd give up again for a while.

Last week I was on my way to pick up the boys from daycare and had the thought - I think it's time to really get serious about potty training. I'm going to talk to Michelle and see about doing some more intensive potty training next week. (Up to this point, I'd just been trying on evenings and weekends, not having Michelle do anything during the days.)

Oddly enough, when I picked up the boys, one of the first things Michelle said was "I was thinking that next week we should really seriously work on potty training for Preston." Since we'd both had the same thought about it on the same evening, it seemed like the time must be right!

So we worked on it some again over the weekend, then starting on Monday morning, we told Preston it was underwear only. (Except at night.) Instead of protesting as he had in the past, he was fine with it. And now we're half-way through a week and he's had only two accidents!

Something clicked with him and he really seems to get it suddenly. He's very excited about being able to use the potty, too. (This may have something to do with the M&Ms he is bribed with for using the potty.) A bit TOO excited even. We could NOT get him to go to bed last night, because he realized that telling us he needed to use the potty was a great way to postpone bedtime a little longer. After about the 4th time we (hopefully not sabotaging ourselves) informed him that he did NOT need to use the potty again, and besides, he was wearing a diaper in case he had an accident.

We thought he had gone back to bed, but didn't realize that he'd decided to take care of matters himself. He managed to get himself out of his footy-pajamas, take off the diaper, and go in to use the bathroom. The first we knew of it was when he came out to tell us that he couldn't get his jammas back on. He HAD managed to put his diaper back on all by himself... fastened and everything... but backwards. LOL

He was then told AGAIN, that he had to stay in bed with no more trips to the potty! It finally stuck. But YAY for potty training going so well so far!

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Melissa said...

Potty training - ugh. Always a parenting hurdle. So glad I'll only have to do it one more time with babykins. Glad to hear you are having some progress!