Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aaron Is Handy

Aaron often complains that he has no handyman skills, but a couple of weeks ago he very handily fixed a problem at our house and the solution is still working beautifully!

Brekken recently discovered the water and ice dispenser in the door of our fridge. He was very ingenious about it... he would use toys, cups or anything he found around the house to stretch up and push the lever to turn on the water. Or push a stool or toy over to the fridge to he could reach the lever with a hand. Then he would just let the water flow. He was always thrilled with the cascades of water all over himself, the fridge, and the floor. Aaron and I were less thrilled.

We love the water dispenser in the fridge, so we didn't want to disconnect it. We tried just putting cups and long toys and stools out of his reach so he couldn't get to the dispenser, but he was more creative than we were. He could always find something new to use.

We decided we had to figure out a way to babyproof the dispenser. My first reaction (as it often is) was to Google it. I was just sure that someplace like Babies R Us sold a little gadget to fix this problem. They don't. Instead, I read:

"Crushed ice and water dispensers on refrigerators: what a great convenience for us, not to mention energy savings as well by not having to open the refrigerator door. Most newer models have been introduced with a higher mounting location and are out of a toddler's reach. If fortune did not shine on you and an early model sits in your kitchen, good luck when your toddler takes an interest in this option and you still wish to keep it in use."
Great. Thanks. That's a lot of help.

But when I got home from work that day, I discovered that Aaron had already fixed the problem. And for a lot less than any gadget from Babies R Us!

That would be an ordinary piece of laminated paper. It was part of Haley's schoolwork that she didn't need anymore. Aaron just taped it over the water and ice dispenser area.

There's a handy tab of folded-over tape at the top (where only Aaron and I can reach it!). When we want to use the dispenser, we just use the tab to pull down the paper and access the water. Then we tape it right back up so Brekken can't get to the dispenser. Voila! No more watery messes on the floor!

It works for me! :) To see what's working for others this week, head over to for more Works for Me Wednesday ideas!

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Leslie said...

That is a great idea! Our girls used to love to play with our water dispenser when they were a little younger.

p.s. On a different note, you look very familiar to me. I've racked my brain and I think I have it. Did you go to USU around 1993? I lived in Reeder Hall. And my roommate, Amber - was she good friends (or maybe roommates later on) with you? If not, I must be thinking of someone else but somehow I know you from somewhere! Anyway, click on my name & blog to see a pic of me to see if I look familiar to you.