Saturday, February 20, 2010

We Celebrated Valentine's Day... you know, last week

For Valentines Day, the kids and I made candy... heart-shaped chocolates, because it seemed appropriate. =)

Actually, Haley and Preston made chocolates. I put the chocolate in some squeeze bottles and melted it, then handed over the squeeze bottles and chocolate to Haley and Preston. Brekken and I just waited impatiently to be able to eat the finished candy!

Haley and Preston had a grand time making the chocolates.

I didn't get the white and red candy melts mixed completely (because Haley and Preston were too impatient to get started). So we didn't get the pink color they requested. But the swirled red and white actually looked very cool. Almost like we did it on purpose.


Druciana said...

I really like the swirlly look!

Tera said...

Love this project. I will have to try to remember to do this next year! Did you use the silicone Ice trays?

taradon said...

Yep, just a couple of silicone ice cube trays from the $1 section at Target. =)

Melissa said...

Super cute ideas! Looks like a fun valentine's.