Monday, February 15, 2010

I love the Olympics

Aaron and I are obsessed with the Olympics. We love it all... from the mainstream sports like ice skating to the often overlooked sports like curling. We run short on sleep for a couple of weeks because we stay up for the late night coverage after the news. We check in on NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, USA, and Universal Sports to find all the televised coverage. We hate to have to go to work and miss the events they show during the day. (I have my laptop today... I wonder if I could watch online while I work?) Yep, definitely obsessed.

This is an obsession of long standing. In fact, it's part of how Aaron and I got together in the first place. When Aaron moved to Colorado, he didn't have a television. Since we were friends (we knew each other in college, and had recently reconnected when he moved to Colorado from Iowa), I made a friendly offer that he could come over and watch some Olympics at my place if he wanted.

In spite of the fact that it was a good 80 miles from his apartment to mine, he made that trip pretty darned often. We spent a lot of hours watching Olympic coverage and getting to know each other again. The large amounts of time we spent together quickly led my friends to ask me if we were dating. (My response: I have no idea! I'm confused.) But obviously something was clicking, because we were married only 6 months later. =)

So I love the Olympics because I love the sports and the competition. I get a tear in my eye for a particularly great moment (such as when Canada won it's first gold medal at home last night!). But I also love the Olympics because watching them with Aaron always stirs up fond memories for me about those early days together and how fun (and yes, confusing) that was. Ah, happy days!

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Melissa said...

The Olympics are just fantastic. So many things to like. How fun that they brought you and Aaron together! Certainly makes it all the more special for you guys. Fun!