Sunday, November 7, 2010

Belated Halloween

Better late than never for Halloween pictures!

For Haley's "Fall Festival" (because the school wouldn't allow a Halloween party), the kids were asked to dress up like a character from a book they like and bring the book to school. Since Haley already had her witch costume ready to go, we figured that we would just find one of her books with a witch in it and we'd be set. Then a couple of days before Fall Festival, they sent home a note asking for no zombies, witches, violent costumes... apparently witches were too traditionally Halloween and not enough Fall Festival. We were scrambling to find a new costume and luckily our friend Michelle offered up a costume for us to borrow. So for Fall Festival, Haley was a very cute pirate. She added lots of bling so that everyone would know she was a girl pirate. :) And we found a pirate story that she could take to school.

For Halloween, we had two new pirates. Preston and Brekken were both pirates and had lots of fun going around shouting, "Aarrr!" Haley was a cute witch. And they're all a bunch of hams when it comes to posing for the camera!

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Melissa said...

Holy cow, your boys both look so much older in these pictures! Fun costumes. Connor's school doesn't allow any sort of costumes or dressing up at all, it really annoys me. Maybe they have a good reason, but I have yet to hear it. :)