Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quick Funny from Brekken

Brekken likes to fall asleep at night while sitting in the recliner with me. While I was pregnant, he got used to falling asleep with his head on my belly. I found it quite amusing to watch his head bounce as the baby kicked and rolled.

Apparently, Brekken really liked that belly as a pillow. Tonight he climbed into the recliner with me and laid down, then lifted his head and looked at me, then my stomach and then me again.

"Where is your up tummy? I don't like the down tummy!"

I can only assume that the 'up tummy' and 'down tummy' are references to my pregnant and non-pregnant belly. So I explained to him that I'd had a big tummy because Brekken had been in my tummy. But now that he was born, he was outside my tummy and my tummy was not as big anymore. He responded,

"Put him back in there!"

I explained that it was a one-way trip. Rylen will not be going back into the tummy! And wasn't he glad to have a little brother now? He said he was, but still seems disappointed by the loss of his 'up tummy' pillow.


Tera said...

So cute!

Melissa said...

Cute! I will never, ever miss having an up tummy, although it was so very up that it is now a down tummy, but not in the way it should have gone down. :)