Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not-So-Stellar Mommy Moment

In my defense, I have a rotten cold, and the doc said I can only take Sudafed. The orginal version, with none of those nifty extra ingredients to help you stay awake after taking it. So I took it, and it made me REALLY tired and a bit loopy.

So I went to bed and found that Preston had climbed in our bed. Too tired to do anything about that, I just climbed in with him. Where he proceeded to cough and cough. And every time he coughed, he decided to change position and kick me somewhere else. I'd fall alseep, he'd cough and kick me, and I'd wake up and grumble to myself about this inconsiderate child.

Aaron came to bed a couple of hours later and asked who was coughing so much. Disgruntled, I told him it was Preston. And I expected that Aaron would quickly move Preston back to his own bed. Instead, Aaron responded by gently stroking Preston's head and saying, "Poor kiddo." And then climbed in bed next to him and cuddled him as he started coughing again.

Oops. That really would have been a better way to respond. I'm going to stick with the cold medicine defense for my own grumpy response.

An amusing side note, though... When Aaron cuddled Preston, Preston suddenly opened his eyes and sat up a bit. Seeming wide awake, he said "Daddy, this is going to be really funny!" And then told some kind of rambling joke that seemed to be about a pineapple. Between my own Sudafed-clouded memory and Preston telling a joke in his sleep, it really made no sense at all. But Preston amused himself quite a bit. He laughed happily, then laid back down, cuddled up with Daddy, and was sound asleep again.

*cough, cough* *kick*

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Tera said...

Sad to admit, but I've had plenty of moments too when I've realized I could have been more compassionate with my children. Compassion is something I'm working on developing.