Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So close! But not close enough...

I was this close to having a baby today.

Actually, I thought I was pretty close to having a baby back on Saturday. I had contractions for a full two hours that were only 5 minutes apart. But they never got quite strong enough to actually be real labor. I had real hopes that it would progress into real labor, but it petered out instead.

So I made it to my appointment today. Where everyone expressed surprise that I hadn't had this baby yet. Yeah, that helped me feel better about it. *sigh*

We did the weekly non-stress test and baby did NOT cooperate. He wiggled around a little bit, but never quite got the readings they were looking for. And then he decided to go to sleep and give them nothing to work with. I drank juice. We poked at him a lot. They set off the fire alarm. Okay, that was just a coincidence. But the fire alarm did go off during the test, and he didn't react at all. They buzzed at him with a little alarm thingy. Still just sleeping.

So after an hour of that, we were sent to the ultrasound room for a biophysical profile. Where we watched him doing nothing. As time went on with this test, the doctor explained how it was scored on a scale of 0-10. About 2o minutes into the test, he was scoring 2-4... which is where the doctor started discussing sending me to the hospital for a c-section. In response to that threat, he perked up a little and bumped his score to a 6... which is where the doc was discussing sending me to the hospital for further monitoring and a possible induction. I was actually okay with that plan.

But then he perked up a bit further and ended the test with a score of 8. Which is where the doctor said she was sending me home. I'm still hanging out around 4 cm and 50%, so no more progress there. Blood pressure doing okay. Still stuck with bed rest.

I have instructions to do kick counts several times a day to make sure he's moving around enough. And they scheduled another appointment for next week but commented that surely I wouldn't still be pregnant by then. But of course, that's what they thought last week!

I know I'm on bed rest, but I'm really contemplating just a bit of walking around to see if I can't move things along a little bit. Don't tell Aaron. ;)


Tera said...

I say you get Aaron in on the plan and ask him to "help" things along. Surely he wouldn't turn that down!

taradon said...

Part of the bed rest has been prohibiting such "help." Darn it!

Anonymous said...

It's a real Oh bother moment when you're on bed rest.

Melissa said...

No matter what, he'll be here so very soon! Can't wait for all the deets. :)