Friday, May 6, 2011

5:55 a.m.

5:55 a.m.
What is that irritating sound? It's not my alarm. I think it's a phone beeping to be charged. Is it my phone? Wait, what time is it? Should my alarm be going off? WHAT!?!? Why didn't my alarm go off? I'm supposed to leave to catch the bus right now!! CRAP! I guess I'm driving today.

5:57 a.m.
Okay, I can still get to work on time. As long as I leave by 6:30, I can be in the office by 7:15 to start packing up for the convention. I just have to be quick. 10 minutes to brush my teeth and shower. 5 minutes for clothes and makeup. 15 minutes to change the baby, give him his medicine, and feed him. No problem.

6:07 a.m.
Shoot! What happened to the time? How has is been 10 minutes already? I haven't even made it into the shower yet.

Okay, see, that was nice and fast. Now just dry off, yank the hair into a ponytail and put on some clothes. We're still okay here. So I get there by 7:30. Georgette probably won't be there by 7:30 anyway. We just have to have everything packed by noon - if we start by 8:00 we're probably okay.

6:15 a.m.
Thank goodness I laid out today's clothes before going to bed last night. That really speeds things up. I should do that more often. So, just a little moisturizer and I'm good. No meetings or anything today, I don't need to worry about makeup. My lips are a little dry, though. Maybe some chapstick. Oooo... I have that nice lipstain with the moisturizing gloss - I could put on some of that. Yeah, that looks good. Oh great. Is that a zit on my chin? Okay, a little concealer. It doesn't really conceal all that well on its own though. So alright, just a quick coat of foundation. And a little powder, because that's what I do when I wear foundation. So done! Oh, except I forgot mascara. And I'm already wearing foundation and lipstick. I guess I could add a little eyeliner and some shadow. Now I look all dressed up. All dressed up to spend the morning packing, that makes a lot of sense.

6:25 a.m.
Gaah! Why did I spend all that time messing with makeup? I have a schedule to meet, here! Okay baby, wake up! Time for medicine. No - don't drool it out! I don't have time for you to resist on this...

6:30 a.m.
Baby medicine - check. Baby changed - check. Now if you'll just cooperate and eat fast...

6:40 a.m.
That's going to have to be enough to hold you for the morning. I have to get going! That's right, lay back down in the crib... go back to sleep...

SHHH! Brekken, don't talk! Why are you up? Just climb in bed with Daddy and be very quiet, okay?

6:45 a.m.
Okay, kissed everyone goodbye. Everyone still sleeping - except Brekken, but he's watching cartoons quietly from the bed. I'm only an hour late leaving the house... I hope this isn't an indicator of how the day will go. [For the record, it was...]

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