Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It finally happened...

So after all my paranoia over the last couple of months that I would accidentally go to work without a shirt, or walk out of my office with my shirt unbuttoned, or somehow expose myself in an embarrassing fashion... today it happened.

And it was totally not my fault! And it was really not as bad as you'd think it would be.

Let me set the scene for you. I was in my office pumping. Because I'm so swamped getting ready for this convention right now, I have no time to actually take a break and pump. I put up my sign on the outside of the door telling people I'm pumping, please don't disturb. Then, since I have a hands-free pumping band, I pull up my shirt, strap on the pump, and keep working away. So I sit there facing the (closed) door.

There was a quick tap at the door. Then before I could say a word (like - Don't come in. I'll be with you in a moment. Something along those lines.) the door pops open and in comes the CEO. He started talking as he walked in and then he suddenly registered what I was doing.

I pulled my sweater around me to cover up as best I could, smiled at him, and said: "Hi."

I've never seen such a comically horrified look as was on his face as he backed out of the office as fast as possible.

I talked to him later to find out what he'd needed, and he apologized for barging in. I told him it was fine - and it really was. It was really more amusing than embarrassing because he was so obviously horrified to have intruded.

So then it was all over with - you'd think.

Except that later in the day, I was pumping again. (I generally pump twice a day.) And here came that same knock on the door. This time, at least, he didn't immediately open the door. I had time to ask him to wait a minute, then put myself back together before opening the door. The poor man's face was beet red as he realized he had almost done it again.

As a co-worker pointed out to me, perhaps today is a good day to ask for a raise. ;)

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