Monday, May 23, 2011

Bad Blogger!

I know I've been a bad blogger recently. I haven't managed to post much at all. But in my defense, it has been REALLY busy around here.

  1. I spent the last weeks of April and 1st week of May frantically trying to finish everything up for a big education session we were having. 250+ nurse supervisors and administrators coming to Denver for a week and I was in charge of all the sessions, presenter materials, activities during the sessions, etc. Talk about stressed! I was working flat-out all day at the office - to the point that as I was leaving for the day I would realize that I'd never had a chance to do things like eat lunch... or go to the bathroom. Then I'd go home and work some more; going to bed around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. then getting up by 5:00 to go back to the office and start in again.

  2. It was a relief when the time for the conference actually arrived! At least the end was in sight. And the conference itself actually went great! The sessions (mostly) went as planned. The attendees enjoyed the week. My boss was happy. Her bosses were happy. We (the planning group) were exhausted but very happy. I was VERY glad that my awesome mother agreed to come over and help for the week. It meant I didn't have to feel so bad about the early mornings and late nights all week (I barely saw the kids). I did feel bad for my poor mother having to deal with all of that! But I was glad she was there to help Aaron. I was ESPECIALLY glad on Wednesday, when...

  3. The school called in the middle of a session. They were letting me know that Haley had pink-eye and had to go home immediately. Thank goodness Mom was there at the house, so she could pick Haley up and take her home. The pink-eye started a wonderful round of sickness at our house. Pink-eye for all! Actually, Aaron and I escaped it, and only Haley had a really bad case of it. Poor Preston did have to miss his preschool graduation, though. As the pink-eye was winding down, Rylen got sick with RSV. So the week after the conference I was home with him all week because he was just too sick and miserable to go to daycare. Just as I thought I could go back to work on Thursday, Brekken threw up on Wednesday night. Then Preston woke in the night complaining that he was really sick and about to throw up. So I stayed home on Thursday, too. And Preston missed his last day of school and the party for that, but both the older boys seemed fine by about noon. I actually went to work on Friday! Thank goodness, because I was out of sick time.

  4. While all of the above was going on, we were getting ready for the kids' choir performance. Haley and Preston are both in Sounds of Joy and they've been practicing for a musical for the last few months. The performances were - you guessed it - last week. So in the midst of all the illness, we had to juggle in practices for the healthy (healthier?) ones. 4 hours on Tuesday night. Another 4 hours Wednesday night. Performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The kids did great and it was a very fun show - but everyone was pretty tired out by the end of the week.

  5. Oh, and we had two birthdays (Brekken & Preston) to celebrate, too. Had to work that in. And the end of school, field days, assemblies, etc.

So finally, it's all at an end. Things are back to normal with work and kids. Right? Except that yesterday (Sunday) Rylen still had that nasty RSV cough. And Brekken started running a fever. By the end of the day, we hoped things were looking up. Everyone seemed well enough to go to daycare on Monday - so I went to work.

Sure enough, an hour after I got to work, I got a call from Aaron. Brekken is throwing up. Rylen is running a fever again. Preston is complaining that he doesn't feel well. I'm going home...

Maybe TOMORROW things will be back to normal. I hope to eventually get some sleep.

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