Friday, July 8, 2011

The Vacation... part 2

We had a good time at Aaron's family reunion. The family rented a big house so that all of us could stay together, but still have enough space to not be TOO together. The house was really nice, with enough bedrooms for each family to have one, space for the kids to play indoors and out, and most importantly, air conditioning. ;-)

Unfortunately, we didn't have quite as much time there as we'd hoped, since we arrived a day later than we'd planned. But we had a good time while we were there. On Wednesday we kind of just hung out around the house recovering from the all night drive. (Aaron got to have a long nap. I, somehow, did not.) The kids immediately discovered the trampoline, slide, and ping pong table and went wild. They just love it when they get to play with "the cousins" as they refer to our nieces and nephews.

Thursday was zoo day. Aaron's parents have an annual pass to the zoo that lets them bring grandchildren as well, so we always go to the zoo when we visit. I've been to Hogle Zoo many more times than I've been to the Denver Zoo! It was fun, but hot. The kids were very happy to find some "spitting" statues that sprayed them with water. By the end of the day, we were very ready to head back to the house, where we had yummy pulled-pork sandwiches, a water balloon fight, popsicles and some firecrackers to round out the evening.

Friday morning - and Aaron's birthday - came and it was time to pack up and say goodbye. I'd thought we were going to take Aaron out to lunch for his birthday, but it didn't happen. And on top of that, I'd forgotten to bring Aaron's presents for him to open. Poor Aaron always gets short-changed on his birthday. We are usually travelling to my reunion and so we don't end up doing much. :( Next year I'm going to do better!

So we loaded into the hot car once again and set out for Vernal and my family reunion.

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Tera said...

How about a surprise "unbirthday" for Aaron? Why wait until next year?

I am so jealous that your kids have so many cousins to play with. I wish my kids did!