Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Vacation... part 3

When we got to Vernal, we discovered a wonderful thing - my parents had gotten a new air conditioner for the living room and it blew out a lot of very cold air! After several hours in the car in the middle of a VERY warm day, this was a beautiful thing. My parents had already headed up the mountain, so we just hung out with the air conditioner for a while to enjoy the cool. {Yes, I realize we were a little obsessed with air conditioning.}

We took Aaron out to dinner at Cafe Rio for his birthday and went back to my parents' place to go to bed. Since they weren't there, they'd told us we could use their bed upstairs and put the kids to bed on the living room couches so we wouldn't have to haul our things downstairs to the basement bedroom we usually use. We were pretty tired, so it sounded like a good plan. Until the kids started complaining about that wonderful AC. "We're cold! We need blankets! Turn it off!"

It occurred to us that if we put the kids to bed on the couches, we would have to turn off the air conditioner or they would complain all night. And we would be in the bedroom wishing for the cold air. So instead we decided to put the kids to bed in Grandma and Grandpa's room and Aaron and I slept on the couches! Ah, wonderful cold air for us. :)

We spent Saturday, Sunday, and part of Monday on the mountain with the family, coming down only at night to go to bed. We had the usual big family lunch - and miraculously it did not rain and/or snow during lunch! We were half done eating when I suddenly realized that we were not huddling under the tarps to eat as we usually do for Reunion.

The weather was so beautiful that we were able to go with my cousin Robert to take some family photos after lunch. They turned out wonderfully! We're rumpled and a little dirty (especially Brekken, who fell in a swamp literally moments before we started taking pictures) but I love it. It shows what our family is really like! It's my favorite people in the world in my favorite place in the world. Perfect.

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Tera said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! I was surprised to see how green and lush it is there. No wonder it is your favorite place. I didn't realize places like that existed in Utah!

I have to admit though, besides the first day of your vacation, there hasn't been any other drama. I look forward to your reunion posts for such drama!