Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Vacation... part 4

As usual, we had to have some massive storms while at Reunion! We were all stuck under the tarps for quite a while while a few rounds of rain and hail moved through. The kids thought it was great fun to run around and get soaking wet in the rain. They did not find it quite as fun once the quarter-size hail began falling! But they greatly enjoyed the hail-ball fight that followed the storms.

There was time for fishing - the kids didn't really catch anything worth keeping, but they had a great time anyway.

My favorite thing about Reunion is just getting to sit around and talk with my family. I had a wonderful time talking with my sisters. Rylen met my brother Brian and snuggled right up to him for a good long time. He also really liked my sister Emily. Since I often can't get Rylen to go to anyone else when I'm around, it was really nice to able to hand him off for a little while and have him happy about it!

Two things that stick in my mind from all the various conversations...

At one point, the subject of my "dainty little hands" came up. A co-worker recently commented on the fact that I have "dainty little hands," which I've always referred to as "stubby little fingers." My sisters and mom and I all compared hand sizes and we were all pretty similar. Then we compared hand size with Grandma. When I pressed my hand against Grandma's, my fingers ended at the beginning of her first knuckle - confirming that I do indeed have stubby little fingers and explaining why Grandma has much better reach when playing the piano. :)

And I learned that my mom and sisters and I all have to have a blanket (or at least a sheet) when we sleep. It doesn't matter how hot it is, we HAVE to cover up. Interestingly, for all of us, if we get hot it's ok to stick your feet out from under the blanket, but you still have to have the blanket wrapped up around your arms and shoulders. I don't see how that could be genetic, but it sure seems odd that we all have the same habit! :)

We were very happy to have Grandpa there with us to celebrate his 82nd birthday at the Reunion. Given his stage 5 cancer, it was certainly in all our minds last year that he might not be with us this year. I'm so happy that we had him there again and will keep my fingers crossed that we'll have him with us again next year.

After saying goodbyes at the Reunion, we headed for home. The weather was cooler due to lots of rain, which helped make the ride more bearable. It was also very LONG, due to the fact that we had to change our route halfway home because a landslide had closed the road we were planning to take. We finally arrived home at 4:30 a.m.

It was fun. It was exhausting. I'll be glad to do it all again next year (minus the car troubles and visit to the DMV!), but right now I'm pretty glad we don't have another road trip planned until November!

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Tera said...

See, there was the little bit of drama I needed to feel complete from one of your reunions! I look forward to next years post, and I hope too your Grandpa will be with you.