Thursday, March 26, 2009

Playing Around

We're missing the nice warm weather that we had been enjoying. Whenever it's nice and warm in the evening, I take the kids to the park on the way home from daycare. They love to run around and play and I like the fact that they get some of that excess energy out before it's time to go home and deal with dinner and bedtime. We're hoping this cold and rainy/snowy weather goes away soon and spring returns so we can get back to the playground!



Haley looks like she's been watching too much America's Next Top Model... what a pose.

Brekken will be happy when he figures out the walking thing well enough to get out there with Haley & Preston.

We don't always manage to work out all the silliness before we head home! (That's Preston underneath the trash can.)


Druciana said...

I think playtime is so important. These cold days are harder because I feel guilty sending them outside.
I love the picture of Preston with the trash can on his head! Your kids are so fun!

Tera said...

What a good tradition of stopping at the park. I bet your kids really look forward to that time everyday and it gives you all a chance to reconnect after being seperated for the day! Good job Mom!

Melissa said...

There's nothing like a good park outing! It's good for everyone methinks. What a Haley pose!