Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Camera Catch-Up

Once again I'm behind in posting. A lot has been going on, and I've gotten pictures of it all with my spiffy new camera (it's pink... because Haley helped me pick it out). But I haven't had the time to upload any of the pictures. But finally over the weekend I had some time to spend with the camera.

Wednesday was a big day for Haley & Preston. Haley graduated from preschool and it was Preston's 3rd birthday. So I let them choose whatever they wanted for breakfast. Preston selected chicken nuggets and peas.

Haley originally opted for Cream of Wheat, but once she saw Preston's peas, she needed some, too.

Haley's graduation was a field day at the park. Lots of fun!

Haley's own culinary creation - a strawberry sandwich. That would be a strawberry between two Ritz crackers. What can I say, she liked it!

We had a birthday party with pizza and presents for Preston at the park. (How many P words can I cram into one sentence?)

He was apparently amazed at the fact that he had presents!

Finally, we have a trip to White Fence Farm. The kids were less than impressed with the food (though Aaron and I thought it was very good). But they loved the petting zoo and playground!


Mistaken said...

What a great day! That sounds like a lot of fun! Happy Birthday Preston!

Druciana said...

It sounds like a fun filled day!
You may have to blame my kids for the sandwich idea. My kids will take crackers and put just about anything they like between them and eat it as a sandwich. I usually figure as long as they eat it, who cares. lol

Melissa said...

That was a lot of Ps in one sentence! Try saying that fast 5 times. ;)

Lots of fun celebrations in your house this month too. May is a CRAZY month! Congrats on all the doings!