Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend we took advantage of the 3-day weekend and went to Grand Lake, just outside Rocky Mountain National Park for Sunday & Monday. Unfortunately, it rained the whole time!

We kept going to our favorite places to walk/hike. Every time we got to a trailhead we would sit in the parking lot and debate whether to go out in the weather or not. Then we would decide that it was too rainy and cold to take the kids out for a hike. So we mostly did a lot of driving around with a little bit of walking to look at the (wet) scenery. Oh well, at least it was a break from routine!

Not quite as scenic as usual, due to the gray and cloudy skies. But still a beautiful place to visit.

At one point, the rain stopped and we actually got out of the car!

I turned the camera over to Haley at one point. Unlike the great shots Tera's daughter took, this is what we got from Haley =)

The biggest hit (with the kids at least) was the hotel. Haley especially loved the bunk bed!


Mistaken said...

Those are memorable times. I can't believe you got Aaron to go, hehe.

Tera said...

Well, Lauren's quite a bit older, so maybe when Hailey gets older she'll already have a great foundation!

I really think that after 2 rainy memorial day's in a row in Colorado, that this is what I should just come to expect. I'm used to barbecuing in Cali, so this is hard to get used to.