Friday, May 29, 2009

Another unusual post...

So today I'm using the blog to gather information for work. Since I finished up the book about pregnancy, I'm now moving on to create one for infancy... birth to 12 months. Knowing that most of my readers are mothers, I thought I'd ask you for some input!

Thinking back to when you were a brand-new mom:
  • What surprised you about being a mom?
  • What questions did you have?
  • What did you worry about the most?
  • If you'd had a nurse coming to visit you each week to give you help and advice, what would you have asked about?

Thanks for any suggestions you can give!


Katie said...

So here are things I was concerned about and would have wanted to talk to someone about... Nursing-- I was so sore those first few weeks! Sleep-- how do I get the baby to sleep in her own bed (every time I put her down she woke up).

Druciana said...

1. I was surprised that the baby cried so much. I remember thinking that I must have been doing something wrong.
2.How do I get him to sleep at night? I think that was a big problem I had with all my kids.
3.With my first one I was always worried about whether or not he was getting enough to eat.
4.I had a lot of questions about colic and breast feeding.

Mistaken said...

1. I was suprised that I didn't seem to bond with her right away. It took me a couple of months. (She was colicky)
2. How do I get her to stop crying? What's wrong with her?
3. I worried about screwing her up
4. I would have wanted them to make her stop crying so much

Amy said...

I was totally oblivious. You think you know what to expect by reading all the books, but you are clueless until that baby is born. I didn't even know how to hold a baby. I was worried about EVERYTHING. I worried that I was feeding her too much (I breast fed with bottle supplement). I bathed her twice a DAY. When I told the pediatrician this she said "Every other day is fine." I didn't know how to tell if she was dressed too much or too little. It was a hot summer the year she was born. And is TV really ok???

taradon said...

Thanks for the input, everyone!!