Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pictures I Wish I'd Taken...

We had a great time on vacation. As much as I love my job, it was nice to have time away to just have some fun with the family. We saw and did a lot of things... and normally I would be right there documenting it all with the camera. Unfortunately, after a couple of months of acting up on me, my camera decided to give out altogether on the first day of our trip. There are so many things I wish I'd caught on camera!

At the Dinosaur Park, when the kids posed in front of the giant T-Rex statue... with many anxious looks over their shoulders to be sure that it was just a statue. Or when Haley and her cousin Cameron in the matching red jackets held hands everywhere they went. And when the kids went down the big tube slide in the treehouse and then Grandpa did too.

At the Railroad Museum when the kids enjoyed playing in the caboose so much that we almost couldn't get them to come out.

At the Airforce Museum when Preston was awed by how huge the airplanes were.

Playing at the park when Haley was so proud of herself for climbing a tall ladder and going down the biggest slides. And Preston (the fearless one) was right behind her. And Brekken LOVED playing in the sand.

At Grandma's house when Preston tackled the cat. And Brekken cuddled with the enormous dog. And all of them enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Going out for brunch and playtime at the park during a short visit with my mom and dad.

Having an early birthday celebration for Brekken and Preston. I wish I had pictures of Brekken eating that cupcake and getting completely covered in chocolate crumbs and icing. And of Preston's excitement about his new dinosaur toy. And of Haley "helping" Brekken open his gifts.

And at the zoo... It was Brekken's first trip to the zoo! Brekken was so excited by the ring-tailed lemurs - he watched them so intently! Haley and Preston and Cam holding hands and hugging each other in a joyful reunion (it had been at least 30 minutes since they'd last seen each other). All of them so excited to watch the animals. They all rode the Carousel and the train. Then they played at the playground and had so much fun.

So... we did a lot, we had lots of fun. And even if we don't have pictures of it all, at least we have some word pictures to help us remember the best parts!


Tera said...

I bet you are so sad to not have pictures of those days. I think Brekkan and the cupcake would make me the saddest. But you are right, you have it down in words and that will help you to remember. Sounds like you guys were very busy with some very fun activities!

Melissa said...

I can just picture it in my head, which hopefully you can do in the future, with no pictures. That's a bummer. But the trip sounds fun!

Cara said...

It is sad that you do not have pictures of all those activities but blogging is the next best thing, don't you think?

Mistaken said...

It sounds like you had a great time! Those memories will last even without pictures. Though your kids are the cutest. I would have loved to see pictures. I hope Preston heals quickly.